Survey Services

ADA Accessibility Surveys:

Several Levels of Accessibility Assessments are available:

A). The Orientation Tour– an abbreviated roll- or walk-through to point out obvious barriers to a program or service with a representative of the facility followed by a brief written summary. This type would utilize a brief checklist, i.e. the Existing Facilities Checklist. This level would not be considered a survey, but would be used as an assessment to initially determine if there are issues with a site, or as a preliminary step to a Basic, Full Detail, or Customized Survey. 

B). Basic Facility Survey – Usually a larger & more thorough survey utilizing a checklist specific to the facility type, like a Hotel Survey Checklist. This survey type would include a Summary and Report, usually including a narrative and pictures. 

C). Full Detail Facility Survey – Similar to the Basic, but with a greater level of reporting and documentation and utilizing an even more detailed assessment tool like a customized checklist. This type of survey will always provide a high level of documentation, to include photos and full narrative, with an accompanying Survey Summary containing the major issues noted in the assessment. For larger projects, a team approach is many times necessary to effectively carry out a facility assessment in a reasonable amount of time. 

Eastlake, Derry & Associates has done more training of other consultants to do this type of work than most others in the field. We have developed a pool of individuals who we can call on to participate as team members to approach a project of huge proportions and get the job done on time with great confidence in the accuracy of the information being reported. We have also developed excellent working relationships with other consulting and design firms, which provides us with tremendous partnering capabilities.

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